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I was tagged by these two lovelies: :icontinaheart: and :iconlucidrequiem:

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 things about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. Choose some people to tag. Up to 10.
5. Please answer the questions in a journal entry, not a comment!

10 facts about me:

1) My father is a tribal member and I grew up on the Flathead Indian Reservation
2) I just ate a Russell Stovers Coconut Nest (YAY EASTER!!)
3) I've connected with a lot of cousins that I lost touch with (after my parents divorce and us moving) on Facebook this past year. It's been really nice, actually.
4) I just spent an hour on the phone talking to my older sister about the crazy amount of snow they got last week. It drifted in the road 4 ft (10 ft was reported in one spot) and they were snowed in for 2 days. She was driving in it and it ripped the bumper off her car which is now in the shop
5) I struggled with depression for a long time, and even though I stopped taking medicine for it (because I couldn't never remember to take it) I try my best to keep positive because I know that dwelling on things are what bring me down.
6) My dad is exactly 50 years 1 month older than I am and is turning 75 on his birthday this year, while I will be turning 25.
7) When I was in high school I wanted to be an Accountant.
8) I love owls.
9) I love looking at the stars and the first thing I do when I get home from working the night shift is look for the Big Dipper.
10) I love stationary and buy entirely too much with no intention of actually using it like I should.

Questions from :icontinaheart: first!

1. What's your current song of the moment?
    I discovered Unbreakable by Kim Hyun-joong yesterday. I really liked the music video, so I've listened to it several times today already. Here's the link for anyone who is interested. ------> [link]

2. If you could have one super power, what would it be?
   I'd love to be able to fly- or breathe underwater.

3. What's a huge dream/goal of yours?
    To graduate from college with a degree I'd love to have. I know a lot of people who opted for "safe" careers, and even though I studied for 2 years for something "safe", I realized there's no point if you hate doing it.

4. Is there people you've met online that you'd love to meet? If so, who & where are they?
    I'd love to meet :icontinaheart: :iconqueenobvious: :iconplaguebearerbjd: :iconlucidrequiem: just to name a few.

5. Do you play any games? If so, PC or console, which game(s)?
   I play Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, Ace Attorney, and Professor Layton on my 3ds. I don't really play games on my PC... but I do own the Sims 3.

6. What's your favorite dessert?
    I love apple pie.

7. Would you ever want to take a road trip to somewhere or would you just rather fly to get there faster?
    I actually love road trips. Especially when it's just me.

8. If I were to come to your city/hometown, where would you suggest I go eat? Any favorite non-mainstream restaurants (BC I love food)?
   If you like pizza I would suggest Mackenzie River Pizza, or the Split Rock Cafe (Even though they close at like 2pm so we always JUST make it in time) or the Stillwater Fish House for people who like seafood.

9. Dogs or Cats?
    I like both of them, but maybe dogs a little more- just because cats can sometimes be more "grouchy" at times.

10. What's the most exotic thing you've ever eaten?
    Calamari. I hated it the first time I tried it, but loved it the second time.

Questions from :iconlucidrequiem:

1. Let's start with an easy-ish one! Favorite food/s?
    Potatoes for the win!! I can eat them in any form... and when I was a kid I would eat them raw with a little salt sprinkled on them.

2. If you have OCs, do you have any that you absolutely hate? Why?
    It would probably be my OC Lucas. He's supposed to be your average nice guy next door, but I'm having a really  hard time with him... so I haven't really done much with him as far as character development goes.

3. Among your dollies, who gets the most special treatment? (C'mon, I know you all play favorites) ;) (Wink)
   I only have one complete doll at the moment, so Marcel gets alllll my attention :heart:

4. What one book/comic/movie/tv show character, do you relate the most to? Why?
   I would say Nanai from One Fine Day by Sirial. He can be a little grouchy sometimes, but he's the more adult and mature one out of the trio of pets. (If nobody knows what this story is about, it's basically about a black puppy named Nanai, a cat named Guru, and a mouse name Pritz Rang and they live with a magician-in-training named No-ah and go on lots of adventures. It's a really cute story and the artwork is very whimsical, so I like it a lot.)

5. What is the biggest impulse buy you've made in the hobby? Did it work out? Details! XD
    Probably my Luts boy. He was definitely my biggest impulse buy. Sadly, he didn't end up working for me. I went through a long time where I wasn't motivated for a long time, I debated selling all my dolls. I got over that, but when I was accepted to art school and realized I couldn't take them all with me, I decided I'd have to sell the 2 dolls that I just couldn't make click with the characters I created for them.

6. What is your favorite mythic/mythological/fantasy creature? And why? Like, really WHY? Not just because it's pretty...
    Mermaids. I've always wanted to be one- ever since I saw the Little Mermaid as a little girl. I've always loved swimming, and when we were little we would go swimming at this dam by the town I lived in. One year I discovered that there were a bunch of little saplings growing over by the dam side (and just to let you know this dam is basically wooden boards and towards the end of the summer the water is high enough to slosh over the top... but it's only like 3 feet there with no suction... so even though it's technically a dam, it's not a big one where it's not safe to swim) and grass. It was like this little forest buried in the water. I thought it would be so cool if I could breathe underwater and see stuff like that without worrying about drowning. I would definitely be a clear water mermaid though... dark, deep water creeps me out. My mom says it's a fear of the unknown lol

7. If you could exist inside any video game, which one would it be and why?
    I would exist inside the Ace Attorney series, just for Prosecutor Klavier Gavin who is my video game crush. *Not ashamed at all*

8. If there was an enchanted book that told your entire life story from beginning to end (the future end), would you read it or not? Why?
   No. I think that if I was destined to live a hard life or meet an unfortunate or bad end and I read about it, I would just give up on life and have a miserable existence.

9. What is one doll oriented goal you have for this year?
    Finish up my girl!

10. What is you favorite flower, tree, or shrub?
     I really love Chrysanthemums or daisies.

My 10 questions for someone else:

1) If you won your dream car in a raffle, what would it be?
2) What has your least favorite job been? (If you've had a job before)
3) Have you ever broken any bones? If so, which ones?
4) What sort of monster would be in your worst nightmare and why?
5) What's the craziest thing you've ever done?
6) If you could go anywhere in the world for one week, where would you go?
7) Did you have a favorite toy when you were young?
8) What is your favorite book?
9) If you could study anything and be guaranteed to make a good living from it, what would it be?
10) What is your favorite fruit?

And just tagging anyone who wants to do this, I procrastinated AGAIN (no surprise there. Sorry Tina, I said I would do it on Monday and failed! D:) and I know most people have been tagged multiple times already. So do it if you want to!!


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Amanda Mitchell
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I'm an illustration student living in Montana
I enjoy drawing, reading, photography, and spending money on my hobbies. I have more belongings than I know what to do with.


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Thank you so much for the watch Amanda : ) !!
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Thanks for llama ^ ^
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